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Forecasts, Projections, & Cash Flow Analyses

To keep a business three steps ahead, projection and cash flow analysis are integral parts to a company’s overall success. At LMC, our staff is well-versed in both areas. We work closely with our clients, reviewing all available data, financials, and statements to develop an accurate financial forecast.
Our Approach

LMC will…

  • Review all relevant historical information and research industry benchmarks
  • Forecast future financial activity
  • Advise on how cash flow can maximize a company’s potential

Cash flow analysis

Financial Forecasting

Data projections

Industries Served

At LMC, we don’t just immerse ourselves in our client’s business but their industry as well. Our in-depth understanding comes from knowing the ins and outs of our clients specific challenges, the relevant opportunities available and what it means to achieve success. Our areas of specialties include: